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"Polychromatic Transmission", the critically-acclaimed psychedelic-folk album by Desert Angels

"The Sonoran Desert serves as a crossroads of culture and climate, but a new album from local folk group Desert Angels takes that concept to the next level—or plane of existence."     

-Jeff Gardner, Tucson Weekly

"Keith Allen Dennis commemorates the transitional nature of Southern Arizona on new album" -Tucson Weekly

"Polychromatic Transmission" (2020) is the second album by Desert Angels, a Tucson, Arizona based cosmic-americana/ufolk ensemble lead by Billboard chart-topping songwriter and Old Bisbee Records founder Stuart Oliver. Replete with lush female harmonies and rootsy, organic instrumentation the record is a psychedelic-folk symphony written over the past 18 years of Oliver's experiences living in the states of Georgia, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Arizona. 

A year in the making, Liminal is a collection of songs about the betwixt and between twilight zone of borders, boundary violations, dissociation, and transformation. It's got songs about the BMZ (Border Militarized Zone) of Southern AZ; the ghost-chasing paranormal tourism industry of old western mining towns like Bisbee, Arizona; turning into an owl; and the mysteries of Jehovah the Great Dissociator of the Old Testament. And: a sweet, sweet country love song.

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Cosmic, funky & feel good, "COSMIC RIDE" is a Psy-Fi Americana Folk-Rock Opera about Bisbee, benevolent E.T.s, and trying to live from a place of love instead of fear. 

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